About us

We are RongYi Eco-Friendly Technology, and we believe in reducing and eliminating the use of harmful, non-biodegradable plastic straws

RongYi Green Energy Environmental Technology

Founded in 2019, we are a fully biodegradable material and straw manufacturing company. We concentrate on straws because it is widely used, and plastic straws create an unbelievable amount of pollution each year. The material used is comprised of natural plant starch, which is more environmentally friendlier than other straws on the market. Other eco-friendly straws are made from bioplastics, which contain PLA. Those straws are compostable; however, they are not biodegradable. According to analysts from the Smithsonian, without any special treatment or process, those straws will take 100 to 1,000 years to decompose naturally. This is why we are proud to manufacture a biodegradable product and can naturally decompose without producing any toxic substances or by-products.

Change, starting from ourselves!

Our company obtained the ISO22000 and HACCP certificate in 2019 to ensure our product and manufacturing quality. Only by adhering to the highest standards can we confidently manufacture products that can replace a product that everyone regularly relies on. Straws may seem insignificant, but sustainable changes start small and become a habit. Changes need to be made to protect our planet, and we need to start from ourselves.

Change the way we use plastic, Change the world.

Paper straws are soluble, will not pollute water sources, will not harm marine life, are environmentally friendly, and can completely replace plastic straws.