Make the Earth a Better Place
Make it Plastic-Free

We adhere to the spirit of caring for the earth and committing to sustainable development by reducing the pollution we create. Change begins with ourselves.

All-Natural Materials

Our products are made of all-natural plant starch, which is more environmentally friendlier than plastic and other biodegradable straws. In addition, the material can be heated up to 99 degrees Celsius without losing its structure. More importantly, the material is biodegradable and will decompose naturally in three to four months. Most other “eco-friendly” products are compostable, which means they don’t decompose in a landfill.

Change the way we use plastic,
Change the world.

The straws are made of natural plant starch which is non-toxic, odorless, safe, and durable. They are effective for approximately 4 hours and can be used for both hot and cold drinks. Paper straws are flimsy and soften after a short period of use. Plastic straws are non-biodegradable, and PLA straws still contain plastic and require a unique process to decompose. Our straws are environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and non-toxic, so they can completely replace plastic straws.

A plastic-free life starts with you.

RongYi Eco-Friendly Technology is committed to the development and production of biodegradable straws. We have created these durable, safe, and biodegradable all-natural plant starch straws in response to the growing anti-plastic movement. Our goal is to provide our customers a high-quality product at a competitive price. In addition, we want to do our part to help reduce or even eliminate the use of plastic straws.

Can be used by nature,
The microorganisms decompose completely.

The products produced by RY Green Energy Technology are fully biodegradable materials. The fully biodegradable materials are derived from renewable resources that use sunlight and carbon dioxide as energy and carbon sources, such as starch and cellulose. The production process of converting into polymer is a process catalyzed by biology, which does not cause environmental pollution.

Change the use of plastic together, change the world together

Paper straws are soluble, will not pollute water sources, will not harm marine life, are environmentally friendly and can completely replace plastic straws.