Inspection report & awards

In order to ensure the quality of the company's products and products, Rongyi has obtained two major certifications, ISO22000 and HACCP, to ensure that during the production process, it can properly control the steps that may cause harm. With the help of ISO and HACCP quality systems, we can continuously improve product quality and process loss. Adhering to the spirit of caring for the earth and committed to sustainable development, garbage pollution is closely related to our lives. Change, start from yourself!

Certificate No:- QAIS-F-TAI-RY-10.19.008 CAT:I

ISO22000 is a set of internationally-used food safety management system standards. It was promulgated by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in 2005. Based on the ISO9000 series of quality assurance certification standards, the terms and practices of the manufacturing industry have been deleted, and the work flow of food industry has been specially revised, ISO22000 has also become the most well-known food safety management tool in contemporary times.

HACCP : TUVZ-19-8865

The food safety control system (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point, HACCP) is a systematic system that manages the acceptance, processing, manufacturing, storage and transportation of food raw materials. It is used to prevent food safety hazards. It is currently the best recognized by all countries in the world for food safety control methods. The HACCP system originated from the Apollo Space Development Program of the United States in the 1960s. It was jointly developed by NASA, the U.S. Army NATICK Institute of Technology, and PILLSBURY Food Company to ensure that the food provided to astronauts will not be contaminated by food pathogens. Therefore, a safe food manufacturing management method has been developed.